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The Best Wheel Cleaner Experiment: Real World Testing Pt 1 & 2

This is the second stage of my Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Experiment where I am testing 50 different wheel cleaners to find out which ones are the best or really if there is any significant difference between them at all. I am trying to do these experiments as scientifically as possible and keep everything on an even playing field. This video was my first attempt at doing 10 of them side by side of my dirty old CTSV wheels. I did the other 40 wheel cleaners after this which I’ll have coming in another video after this. The results were kind of surprising.

 One of the most shocking things for me was how well water performed (13:00). Simply putting on some water and lightly agitating with a brush removed a ton of surface contaminants. It didn’t clean as perfectly on one pass as some other cleaners (I felt I had to scrub a little more), but it did a great job for being nothing but water. After I saw that I kind of went quicker though the next 20 wheel cleaners I tested, because I knew I could kind of already predict the results.

The most important thing I did outside of the water test, was the last section (25:11) of the video where I took 5 different cleaners (ranging from APC to dedicated wheel cleaner with iron remover) and really tried to get the wheel as clean as I could with multiple passes and really scrubbing. And afterwards, there was no way to tell a difference between the sections at all. Seriously you would never be able to tell that they were not all cleaned by the same thing. So with that being done and after testing 50 wheel cleaners, I would like to think I can safely conclude that there is no difference in the general cleaning ability of these wheel cleaners from a general use standpoint.

So what does make them different? Lots of other things I will be testing and breaking down like: PH, smell, spray, cost/oz, bottle design/ergonomics, corrosion to unprotected metals and more which will be covered in other sections.

All the wheel cleaners tested in this two part experiment: P21S Gel, McKees 37 Foaming, Trinova Wheel Cleaner, Kenotek Eagle One All Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Nanolex, Meguiar's Ultimate, Sonax Full Effect, Mother's Foaming, Nextzett, Optimum Power Clean, Jescar React Shine, Pinnacle Advanced Concentrate, Sonus Rim Bright, Chemical Guy's Sticky Citrus, Meguiar's Acid Wheel Cleaner, Amazing Roll-Off, Griot's Wheel Cleaner, Duragloss 821, Poorboy's World Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner, Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner, Black Magic Intense, Dodo Juice, 3D BDX, ArmorALL Wheel & Tire, Meguiar's Hot Rims, BlackFire Tire & Wheel, Griot's Heavy Duty, Stoner, Wolfgang Tire & Wheel, 3M Wheel & Tire, Simple Green, Shine Supply, Adam's, Adam's Eco, 3D Brite, Turtle Wax Wheel & Tire, Super Degreaser, S100, Diablo Gel, Sonax Wheel Cleaner Plus, Carfidant, Car Guys, Chemical Guy's Signature, P&S Brake Buster, Poorboy's World Spray & Rinse, Meguiar's Non-Acid, P21S, Meguair's APC, Water