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The Best Grit Guard

Grit Guard Analysis

The purpose of a Grit Guard is to keep contaminants down in the bottom of the wash bucket so that they cannot be recaptured by a wash mitt and then rubbed on the clear coat and cause damage.

I believe the Detail Guardz Dirt Lock is the best device for doing this.

From a performance standpoint, the Dirt Lock was clearly shown to be extremely effective at keeping contaminants at the bottom of the bucket and not letting them back through. The design of the filters using the venturi effect to channel the water flow down and make it very difficult for things to flow back up worked excellently and even in the food dye example, managed to maintain a higher concentration of the coloring beneath the guard, showing how it effectively traps whatever is beneath it.

From an ease of use perspective, the Dirt Lock was not the easiest to use, but was better than the Dirt Trap. The foam tabs help make a snug fit in almost any bucket and even if it is tightly wedged into the bottom, the finger holes around the center make it much easier to pull out than something like the holes on the dirt trap which offer no real grip at all and I had to use pliers to get out.

The Chemical Guys Dirt Trap is good at keeping contaminants down, but was just not nearly as user friendly thanks to its lack of grip to pull it out if it gets stuck in the bottom of the bucket. I would not worry about contaminants if this was in the bottom of my bucket.

The original grit guard was very disappointing. The mesh design did hardly anything to stop the flow of contaminants back up into the top part of the bucket. Maybe if you used a very tall bucket this would be enough just to keep things in the bottom, but if the mitt thrashes the water around anywhere near the guard, it is going to stir the contaminants back up.

I will be doing a part two (and update this) to discuss the ease of cleaning each guard, the ability to help remove contaminants from the mitt and whatever other feedback I get from this discussion and the video.

Performance Information / Features
Guard Name Overall Review Buy It Cost Effectiveness of Keeping Down Contaminants Ease to place in bucket Ease to remove from bucket Aid in cleaning mitt off? Diameter Bucket Fit Height Filter Thickness Filter Slot Widths Filter Style Fins on Bottom?
Original Grit Guard Better Than Nothing $19 Poor Easy Easy Grind mitt against grating, but will stir up bottom 10 3/8" Exact to diameter 2 9/16" 3/8" 1/2" Just an open slot Yes
Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Best $20 Very Good Easy to snug into place with foam edges Finger holes help, but some effort still needed Large raised fins to effectively scrape mitt across 10 3/8"* Foam tabs around edge to pressure fit 2 11/16" 1 1/4" 1/2" at top narrowing to 3/32" Narrowing slot to use venturi effect No
Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt Trap Good $10 Very Good Easy to push into place Very difficult if snugly fit. Finger holes are not sufficient. Small raised lips around edges of circles 10 3/8" Exact to diameter 1 9/16" 11/16" 7/16" holes at top narrowing to 1/16" Narrowing cones to use venturi effect No