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Welcome to The Source Garage!

Everyone wants to have the best of everything, but when I started to try and find what products were the best for my car and my garage, I found a thousand different answers. Every company claims they have the best product and lots of people compare products ... two or three at a time. Every forum has people claiming what they think is the best and there are endless Youtube click bait videos claiming they have found the next best thing. What I could not find was a complete and comprehensive analysis of every product on the market giving a complete breakdown of all the features of every product and what were the pros and cons to using each product in various situations.

Enter THE SOURCE GARAGE. The ultimate product testing and review company to do all the testing you wish you had the time, money and knowledge to do. We will not just review one or two or a handful of products at a time. We will try and get every product on the market for the ultimate review and comparison guide. And best of all, this database of information will be completely FREE and never stop growing! If new products come onto the market we will test those as well and add their information to our database.

We will also develop all our testing procedures and determine all the data/information we want to know about a product with the help of the community. We are absolutely certain we do not know it all and want to use the entire auto detailing and garage enthusiast community at large to answer as many questions as possible. Before every test we will make posts on various Reddits, Youtube and forums to get input from as many people as possible to develop the most complete and accurate testing procedures we can.

All of our product testing will be done using scientific methods and all tests will be kept completely fair and unbiased. Everything we do will be completely transparent and open for anyone to see or critique which we welcome.

After all of this testing is done and analyzed to the full extent, we will make recommendations as we see fit and hope to provide these products for purchase if possible. Sometimes only one product of a specific type may be deemed “the best.” Other times we may recommend a variety of products for different situations or the best products at different budget levels. The whole purpose is to provide A SOLUTION FOR EVERY SITUATION.

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