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The CycloShine Pro Wheel Detailing Stand


The CycloShine Pro Wheel Detailing Stand is our first unique product launch. Months in the making and after going through numerous rework and redesigns we finally have a finished version. We think it is the best tool for washing, polishing,  and coating wheels safely and effectively. No need to lay your wheel on the ground or up against a wall and contort and move yourself to get into every area.

The stand makes the work more ergonomic and safer for your wheel vs using a smaller stand with just two rollers that leave potential for your wheel to wobble and fall over. Once the wheel is on the stand it can easily spin around without any wobbling for easy access at any angle to every area. This makes applying coatings or waxes or polishing a wheel a much easier job.

We are working on a variety of wheel and tire cleaning products and tools at the moment so stay tuned to see the results of all our testing and product recommendations!

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